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Health Insurance for International Students in Germany (2022)

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The nation of Germany is well recognized as the “land of rules and insurances.” When it comes to living in Germany, which includes your academics as well, these two qualities come together in a way that is unique and beneficial. To comply with the legislation, each and every student is required to provide evidence that they have health insurance in Germany for the duration of their studies. 

In the event that this requirement is not met, enrollment in a university in Germany is either not feasible, or the university is required to exmatriculate the student. You are fortunate to have a number of options to select from when it comes to health insurance providers; each of these options comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

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Which is better for international students studying in Germany: public or private healthcare?

Students from other countries who are above the age of 30 and studying in Germany and who are not qualified to obtain health insurance from the German government will be required to enroll in a private health insurance program. If you choose the appropriate insurance provider and policy, private health insurance for students in Germany is not in the least bit subpar to the country’s universally available public health care system.

You are required to contact one of the Krankenkassen, public health insurance providers in Germany, either before or after you arrive in Germany to begin your studies in order to choose an insurance plan. As soon as you contact the firm, they will provide you with information on the process, fees, and papers that you are required to provide.

What Makes Student Travel Insurance Different from Student Health Insurance?

Students from other countries are required to have two different forms of health insurance in Germany:

Student travel health insurance

Before the beginning of the semester, you will be protected by this temporary insurance plan that is available to you. It covers the time period beginning when you leave your home country and continuing until the first day of classes of the semester that you will be away at college. When you apply for a student visa to study in Germany, the German Embassy will request proof that you have travel health insurance that satisfies the standards of the Schengen Area.

Student health insurance

This is a health insurance policy that will cover you for the length of your studies as well as after you have completed them and returned home. In order to enroll in the institution, you are required to have health insurance.

Insurance coverage for those studying a language

Those who are enrolled in German language classes or a Studienkolleg are not eligible for public health insurance and will need to locate a custom private plan that will cover them for the length of the course. This is similar to the situation for those who are enrolled in preparatory courses. You will be eligible to sign up for public healthcare if you have a job or once you have been accepted into a degree program.

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