Gold Price in KSA

Last update 3 Minutes ago
Gold Price per OunceKSA
9,233.61    12.4 Ratio 0.13 %
Saudi Riyal
Gold Price per Gram 22KKSA
272.13    0.37 Ratio 0.14 %
Saudi Riyal
Gold Price per Gram 21KKSA
259.76    0.35 Ratio 0.13 %
Saudi Riyal

Welcome to the gold price in KSA (Saudi Arabia). We routinely gather gold price information from the primary markets around the clock, seven days a week.

Gold Price in KSA Today

24 Karat296.87 SAR
22 Karat272.13 SAR
21 Karat259.76 SAR
18 Karat222.65 SAR
Ounce9,233.61 SAR

Gold Price in SAR and USD

24K Gold per Gram296.87 SAR79.15 $
23K Gold per Gram284.50 SAR75.85 $
22K Gold per Gram272.13 SAR72.55 $
21K Gold per Gram259.76 SAR69.26 $
18K Gold per Gram222.65 SAR59.36 $
16K Gold per Gram197.91 SAR52.77 $
14K Gold per Gram173.17 SAR46.17 $
12K Gold per Gram148.43 SAR39.57 $
10K Gold per Gram123.69 SAR32.98 $
9K Gold per Gram111.33 SAR29.68 $
8K Gold per Gram98.96 SAR26.38 $
6K Gold per Gram74.22 SAR19.79 $
Ounce Gold9,233.61 SAR2,461.80 $
Kilogram Gold296,867.31 SAR79,148.62 $

Gold Bar Price in Saudi Arabia

Weight Price
0.5 gram 148.43 Saudi Riyal
1 gram 296.87 Saudi Riyal
2 gram 593.73 Saudi Riyal
2.5 gram 742.17 Saudi Riyal
5 gram 1,484.34 Saudi Riyal
10 gram 2,968.67 Saudi Riyal
20 gram 5,937.35 Saudi Riyal
31.5 gram 9,232.57 Saudi Riyal
40 gram 11,874.69 Saudi Riyal
50 gram 14,843.37 Saudi Riyal
100 gram 29,686.73 Saudi Riyal

We present a number of charts for 22-karat gold priced in Saudi Riyal (SAR), which will enable you to monitor the price information for a range of different periods (e.g., Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Historically).
This article discusses 22-karat gold, which has a purity of 91.67 percent and is often referred to as 916 gold (or stamped with that designation). In addition, you can obtain the most current information on the price of gold in any currency, unit (or weight), and quantity of gold. The price of gold is updated every minute, while the rate of SAR is updated every hour.

Gold Price in Saudi Arabia

In its legal capacity, Saudi Arabia is officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This nation encompasses the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of Asia’s most populous and extensive nations, covering approximately 830,000 square miles of land. Riyadh, the largest city in the kingdom, serves as the nation’s capital, and Arabic is recognized as the primary language spoken. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ruled by an absolute Islamic monarchy with a unitary system, with 1932 marking the beginning of its reign. In addition to having the world’s highest oil production and export rates, this nation is home to over 33 million people.

The official currency used across the nation is the Saudi Riyal. Since the establishment of the country of Saudi Arabia, the Riyal has served as its official currency, which, like many other global currencies, may be subdivided into one hundred smaller units; these units are called halals. The Riyal’s value was pegged to the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) in the middle of the 1980s. In practical terms, the value of one Riyal was equivalent to 0.266667 dollars, which meant that the Riyal was pegged to the dollar. This rate was adopted as the standard official rate in the year 2003.

Reduction in Interest Rates and Gold Price in KSA

Following a reduction in interest rates by the Federal Reserve of the United States in 2007, the Saudi Riyal momentarily achieved its highest level versus the dollar in the previous 20 years. On the other hand, the Saudi monetary authority refrained from taking this action out of concern that it would lead to more inflation and a decline in the value of their currency. However, after a few months, the Riyal resumed its previous relationship with the dollar.

The Riyal is managed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, which serves as the country’s central bank. Before it was established in 1952, the central bank was known by its previous name, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. Riyadh, the nation’s capital, is also home to the country’s central bank. Its primary role is to maintain the currency’s value, but it also plays a significant role in various other areas. In addition to other responsibilities, the central bank regulates the commercial banks and the country’s foreign currency reserves. Additionally, it helps to maintain pricing stability.

You may check the current price of gold in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabian Riyals if you are interested in purchasing gold there. Quotes can be expressed in various currencies, such as the United States dollar, the Great British pound, the euro, or the Japanese yen. The price of gold is often described in terms of the ounce, gram, or kilo; however, various regions of the globe may use a variety of other units of measurement.

The Saudi economy is the largest in the Arab world, and a significant portion of it is based on the sale and production of oil. The nation is the world’s most important oil exporter and has the second-largest proven oil reserves. The country also has a substantial quantity of natural gas, and the value of its natural resources is regarded as among the world’s highest.

Aside from oil, the nation is active in a wide variety of other sectors, including construction, ammonia production, ship repair, metallurgy, plastics, cement, and construction, to name a few. The nation has trace quantities of minerals, including gold, silver, iron, copper, zinc, and others. Additionally, the government has a real estate industry that is expanding at a rapid rate.

You can purchase gold in Saudi Arabia in the form of bullion bars, collectible coins, or even jewelry if you are interested in doing so. Due to the fact that they have the lowest total premiums per ounce, purchasing bullion bars is often the most cost-effective method for acquiring as many ounces as possible.

Gold Price in Saudia Arabia Today

The current price of one gram of gold in Saudi Arabia is 296.87 SAR (Saudi Riyal). The price of gold varies throughout all of Saudi Arabia’s cities.

Updated gold prices in KSA

Even in Saudi Arabia, gold prices are subject to almost daily swings in either direction. Find out the current selling prices in Saudi Arabia of 18 karat, 20 karat, 21 karat, and 22 karat gold, as well as the overall current price of gold. These figures are shown in single Saudi Riyal units for one tola, one gram, and ten grams respectively. Every day, Live Rates are provided by the regional gold and bullion markets in Saudi Arabia.

Gold Rates Saudi Arabia

You can find live international gold rates in Saudi Arabia at 24K/ounce in US Dollars, and the converted prices for gold 24K per 10 grams and gold 22K per 10 grams.
In addition, we provide a range of charts for the gold price of ksa 22K/g.

For more information of Saudi gold rate today please refer to the charts provided.

What is the going rate for gold, 22 carats in Saudi Arabia?

One gram of 22-karat gold in Saudi Arabia is currently 272.13 Saudi Riyals (SAR).

What is the current price of 22K gold in Saudi today?

Gold price of 22K in Saudi today: 272.13 Saudi Riyals (SAR)

What is the gold price in Saudi Arabia today for 1 gram of 24K?

Gold price per gram of 21K in Saudi Arabia today: 259.76 Saudi Riyals (SAR)

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