Gold Price in Oman

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Gold Price per OunceOman
948.14    1.69 Ratio 0.18 %
Omani Rial
Gold Price per Gram 24KOman
30.48    0.05 Ratio 0.16 %
Omani Rial
Gold Price per Gram 22Oman
27.94    0.05 Ratio 0.18 %
Omani Rial

Gold Price in Oman Today

24K Gram30.48 Omani Rial
22K Gram27.94 Omani Rial
21K Gram26.67 Omani Rial
18K Gram22.86 Omani Rial
Ounce948.14 Omani Rial
Kilogram30,483.54 Omani Rial

Gold Price in Omani Rial and US Dollar

24K Gold per Gram30.48 OMR79.18 $
23K Gold per Gram29.21 OMR75.88 $
22K Gold per Gram27.94 OMR72.58 $
21K Gold per Gram26.67 OMR69.28 $
18K Gold per Gram22.86 OMR59.38 $
16K Gold per Gram20.32 OMR52.79 $
14K Gold per Gram17.78 OMR46.19 $
12K Gold per Gram15.24 OMR39.59 $
10K Gold per Gram12.70 OMR32.99 $
9K Gold per Gram11.43 OMR29.69 $
8K Gold per Gram10.16 OMR26.39 $
6K Gold per Gram7.62 OMR19.79 $
Ounce Gold948.14 OMR2,462.77 $
Kilogram Gold30,483.54 OMR79,179.98 $

Gold Bar Price in Oman

Weight Price
0.5 gram 144.43 Omani Rial
1 gram 288.86 Omani Rial
2 gram 577.73 Omani Rial
2.5 gram 722.16 Omani Rial
5 gram 1,444.32 Omani Rial
10 gram 2,888.64 Omani Rial
20 gram 5,777.29 Omani Rial
31.5 gram 8,983.68 Omani Rial
40 gram 11,554.57 Omani Rial
50 gram 14,443.22 Omani Rial
100 gram 28,886.43 Omani Rial

Knowing the gold price in Oman is a great idea if you want to buy some gold within the country right now. And the best part is that knowing the price will help you narrow down when is the ideal time to buy gold and when you should stop and wait for a better opportunity. We think that knowing the gold price in Oman can be a great starting point if you want to plan your purchase and save money. Here are the things you need to do.

Why do you need to know the gold price in Oman?

The truth is that gold price in Oman can change at any given time. Gold prices in general fluctuate because there are a lot of different situations when prices change and it’s hard to stick to a specific pricepoint. The supply might be lower or higher than normal, maybe there are some changes and issues that appear from a political standpoint.

All these things are normal and they can influence how much gold prices are at this time. You do need to make an informed decision when it comes to buying gold. So it definitely makes a lot of sense to know the gold prices, otherwise you will encounter issues and you want to avoid them as much as you can. It’s  a great idea to check on gold prices often, especially if you live in Oman.

How much gold is there in Oman?

Many countries keep gold reserves because gold can easily be sold and thus you can turn your gold into cash. That can be great if you are dealing with financial problems and want to find ways to get rid of that. It’s always going to matter if you assess gold prices and buy gold. According to international sources, Oman has around 145.904 million USD in gold as a reserve. That’s the national reserve and what’s publicly known, but it can be way more.

The truth is that gold prices always change and a country like Oman also knows that. It’s why they keep many of their reserves in gold. Even if prices change, they can easily sell and considering when they got the gold, they are making some profit on it, which is what makes this such a great thing to focus on in a situation like this.

When it comes to the gold reserves the country has in tons, it’s around 1.88 tons of gold. The maximum volume of gold that the country had was around 9.05 tons, and the lowest one was 0.02 tons when the country really needed to sell the gold and cover many expenses. Needless to say, the amount of gold fluctuates, and it shows how important it is to track the gold prices in Oman properly, just to avoid any hassle.

Gold Price in Oman

Why do people buy gold in Oman?

The reasons differ, because every person and business have their own reasons. You can check the gold price in Oman and buy gold just because you want to invest in it. And it makes sense, since historically the price of gold has always been going up and up. It might dip sometimes, but in the end you will have a solid return on value and the quality can be very good.

What matters is to monitor gold prices and then see when it’s time to sell. That’s if you choose to invest in gold specifically to hold and sell later on. You also have the option to just buy gold jewelry and wear it. In this case we recommend 18 carat or 21 carat gold. If you go for 22 carat or even 24 carat gold, those can be a lot easier to damage.

If you go for the 18 carat or 21 carat options, those tend to be a better investment since they are not as prone to scratches and other similar issues. They are more versatile, and that means you get to invest in gold and still wear it the way you want. These things are the reason why you want to monitor the gold price in Oman, because you never know when you can get a very good deal.

Our website offers real time info when it comes to the gold price in Oman. But you can also see a pricing history too. These things can help a lot because they give you all the necessary insight and info, while maintaining a great level of consistency. It’s stuff like that which helps immensely, and it can help convey a great sense of value.

You are free to choose how you purchase gold and in what format. Gold bullions can be a great idea if you just want to buy and hold the gold. If that’s the case, you can keep it in the bank and then cash out when you really need it. Another thing to consider when it comes to gold in Oman is the gold carat. The higher the carat like 22 or 24 carat, the better the results you will have here. It’s a nice idea to invest in gold this way, but remember that you won’t be able to wear those gold jewelry pieces due to them being way too fragile.

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How much does it cost to buy gold in Oman right now?

Gold prices fluctuate, so they will differ from one moment to the other. Right now, a gram of gold is around 23.67 omani rial. But it can change every moment, so that’s why we offer the gold price in Oman in real time. Yes, even if there are any changes or fluctuations, you will know exactly how much it costs and that alone will make the entire process easier.

The most common carats purchased in Oman are 22 carat, 24 carat for investment purposes and 18 carat gold gets acquired sometimes for jewelry. As we said, if you want to actively wear the gold, a lower carat value is better because it also includes alloys. Sure, it’s not as pure when compared to other options, but it will still provide you with a great result down the line. We highly recommend taking your time and preventing any rush, you can monitor the gold price and in the end you will know which purchase option is the ideal one. It might take a bit of a trial and error to narrow these things down, but it will be worth the effort.

Does the gold purity matter?

Yes, of course, because gold purity will affect prices more often than not. Which is why you need to know the gold purity before you buy any type of gold. Generally, the 22 carat gold is known as 916 gold and it has 91.6% gold, with the rest being a mix of different alloys. Then we have the 22 carat gold has even way less nickel, silver, copper or zinc.

Yet if you go down the line to 18 carat gold, this one has 75% of the ornament has gold. Then the rest has zinc and nickel. That’s also the reason why this gold is more powerful, because it certainly brings a lot of great features, while delivering that sense of consistency and still being easy to wear. All of it might seem difficult to tackle at first, but it definitely adds to the value and efficiency of this type of gold in the first place.

In Oman you can also find 14 carat gold. This one only has 58.3% gold and then it includes the other compounds. Needless to say it will be more durable than all the others, because you have less gold. That also means the gold price in Oman for this carat is the cheapest one, since you have a much lower purity than you expect. All these things are incredibly important and you do want to address them in an appropriate manner.

Keep in mind that you should have a plan when buying gold in Oman. Check the gold price in Oman and then you will have a good understanding of the total price and what you can expect. Generally, the return on investment for gold is pretty good, and you will find it to deliver an excellent quality and value in the long run. We are firm believers that once you check the gold price in Oman, you will know exactly when and how to buy gold, which will help speed up the process and save time on your side.

Where should you buy gold in Oman?

Once you check the gold price in Oman, you also want to know where you might be ok buying gold from. The truth is that you can find a lot of gold sellers in the country. Many of them are very easy to work with, but as always there can be some scammers that might appear here and there. Obviously it’s detrimental for the process, and that’s the reason why you need to be very careful with this kind of stuff.

Checking reviews and working solely with authorized sellers will lower the risk of dealing with any kind of problems. It will also eliminate downsides, while maintaining a solid and engaging experience. Sure, there are issues that can arise, but at the end of the day the experience will be great if you work with someone that is authorized to buy and sell gold. That’s why you want to check for any certification, that might help you solve any issues that can appear down the line. It certainly helps you take your time and study all the pros and cons, especially when it comes to reviews.

Is the gold price in Oman expected to change?

The forecast seems to be positive when it comes to the gold price in Oman. So we do expect the gold prices to change and get higher and higher. That might end up changing a bit sooner rather than later, but these are things we need to take into account. Still, it does seem that buying low right now will guarantee some profit later on, if you want to focus on that.

Of course, you don’t have to stick solely with yellow gold. There are other types of gold that you will find in Oman, including Rose gold, Green Gold and so on. But yellow gold in particular seems to be the ideal option because a lot of people find it a solid investment and this is what is bought and sold the most. It does make sense to invest your money in this type of gold if you want a good profit.

The fact that you can buy gold jewelry in Oman and keep it as an investment but also wear it does sound amazing. That’s why 18 carat jewelry in particular is what will help make it stand out. With that in mind, you do need to check the market and see how it evolves and how prices change. You can’t rely on the gold price staying the same, sometimes it goes down, other times it goes up.

Knowing the gold price in Oman is always going to help just because it helps deliver a better experience. You want to do a good trial and error and test the waters to fully understand when you can get the best value for your money. At the end of the day, that’s where the gold price in Oman matters, and it will provide excellent value and a solid experience every single time.


It’s extremely important to take your time and ensure that you always study the gold price in Oman before any purchase. It also matters where you buy the gold from too. Knowing the price will help you narrow down the best option, and it will allow you to save both time and money. At the end of the day, it’s a great idea to assess the gold price in Oman and study the market. Once you have all this info, you will know what gold carat is the best for you within your budget. And then you can invest or just buy jewelry to wear, which you can re-sell down the line too!

how much gold price in Oman?

The current gold price in Oman 24K per gram is: 30.48 Omani Rial OMR

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