Gold price in Kuwait

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Gold Price per OunceKuwait
754.14    3.05 Ratio 0.4 %
Kuwaiti Dinar
Gold Price per Gram 24KKuwait
24.25    0.1 Ratio 0.41 %
Kuwaiti Dinar
Gold Price per Gram 22Kuwait
22.23    0.09 Ratio 0.4 %
Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwait is one of the countries that has a great tradition when it comes to gold. And it’s easy to see why, because gold has always been a wonderful trading system. Plus, it also makes for some great jewelry. Kuwait itself is known for the plethora of jewelry businesses you can find here, so it’s a very good idea to avoid any rush and see how it all works. With that in mind, the gold price in Kuwait can vary quite a bit. So it’s important to understand that leads to price changes for gold and how that influences the total price.

Gold Price in Kuwait Today

24K Gram24.25 Kuwaiti Dinar
22K Gram22.23 Kuwaiti Dinar
21K Gram21.22 Kuwaiti Dinar
18K Gram18.18 Kuwaiti Dinar
Ounce754.14 Kuwaiti Dinar
Kilogram24,246.03 Kuwaiti Dinar

Why do people want to know the gold price in Kuwait?

The main focus is to ensure that you buy gold at the right price. Obviously there will always be spots that are overpriced, and that will certainly affect the way you buy gold. No one wants to overpay, so understanding the gold price is always going to make the decision easier. The gold souqs in Kuwait are very helpful because you can learn a lot from them.

It’s a very good idea to focus on the process and bringing in the best possible experience. But you don’t need to buy gold jewelry as an investment unless you want to. You can still buy gold bouillons, specifically 24 carat gold. The downside of 24 carat gold is that it’s very soft and it can get damaged with ease. That’s the reason why 24 carat gold jewelry is very hard to find. You are much better off going for the 22 carat, 21 carat or even 18 carat jewelry.

In terms of prices, 24 carat gold is the most expensive but that’s because it has the most purity. When it comes to 22 carat gold and lower, it tends to have alloys. The less gold you have in it, the cheaper the gold price in Kuwait gets. However, that also means it’s more durable, since the extra metals and compounds added help increase its resistance. That’s why we think the gold price matters, because you want to know the exact pricing at any time and receive a good insight into what you can expect.

Gold Price in Kuwaiti Dinar and US Dollar

24K Gold per Gram24.25 KWD79.34 $
23K Gold per Gram23.24 KWD76.04 $
22K Gold per Gram22.23 KWD72.73 $
21K Gold per Gram21.22 KWD69.43 $
18K Gold per Gram18.18 KWD59.51 $
16K Gold per Gram16.16 KWD52.90 $
14K Gold per Gram14.14 KWD46.28 $
12K Gold per Gram12.12 KWD39.67 $
10K Gold per Gram10.10 KWD33.06 $
9K Gold per Gram9.09 KWD29.75 $
8K Gold per Gram8.08 KWD26.45 $
6K Gold per Gram6.06 KWD19.84 $
Ounce Gold754.14 KWD2,467.88 $
Kilogram Gold24,246.03 KWD79,344.30 $

Gold Bar Price in Kuwait

Weight Price
0.5 gram 12.12 Kuwaiti Dinar
1 gram 24.25 Kuwaiti Dinar
2 gram 48.49 Kuwaiti Dinar
2.5 gram 60.62 Kuwaiti Dinar
5 gram 121.23 Kuwaiti Dinar
10 gram 242.46 Kuwaiti Dinar
20 gram 484.92 Kuwaiti Dinar
31.5 gram 754.05 Kuwaiti Dinar
40 gram 969.84 Kuwaiti Dinar
50 gram 1,212.30 Kuwaiti Dinar
100 gram 2,424.60 Kuwaiti Dinar

What type of gold is the most popular in Kuwait?

Like in most Arab countries, you will see a tendency for people to buy 22 carat, Indian style gold pieces. Arabic gold pieces are usually using 21 carat gold, and maybe 18 carat gold as well. But as we said, it’s not mandatory to invest in jewelry. If you want, you can buy gold bars, some companies even specialize in replicas.

But if you are looking to invest in gold, getting gold bouillons is the best option. That way you know you have real gold and it will provide you with the value and quality you are interested in. Plus, the value is kept in time, and knowing historical gold values, it always goes up, which further adds to the experience as a whole.

Gold price in Kuwait

Why does the gold price change?

When you check the gold price in Kuwait, the first thing you notice is changes are always made to the prices. The reason is simple, everything from politics to the way gold is acquired and how much gold is available in the country will change current prices. If there’s a lot of gold and people don’t buy that much, then gold prices go down.

But on the other hand, if the demand is very high and you don’t find tons of gold, prices go up. That’s the reason why gold prices are important, since you have an insight into what’s on offer right now and how much you can get for it. You can’t randomly buy gold, especially if you want to ensure you get a good deal. Investing in the best value can help more than you might expect, and it will give you an exceptional result every step of the way.

If you track the gold price in Kuwait, you will notice that prices are always changing and it’s hard to settle on when to buy or sell. Maybe you just want to buy right now, yet it’s not the ideal time to do that. We think it makes a lot of sense to avoid any rush and check the history if possible. Checking the history helps because it allows you to save time, and it will remove any downsides that might arise. Plus, you know you’re buying at the right price since you understand the latest prices and how much things went up or down.

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What is gold used for in Kuwait?

As we said earlier, the main focus here is to create high quality, exceptional jewelry and they do not disappoint. Jewelry has always been one of the main things that people traded here, and there are many craftsmen that acquire gold and sell unique pieces. Many of these are handmade, and people from all over the world find them highly sought after. That’s the great thing about gold in Kuwait, it’s very exciting to get it and you will find it in different forms.

When it comes to wearing jewelry, most of the time women are the ones wearing it. Bedouin women in particular are the ones that focus on wearing gold. But there are also men that choose to wear gold too, and it just goes to show the unique appeal of gold and why people like it so much in the first place. With that in mind, the jewelry made in Kuwait tends to use special tools like hand saws, hammers, molding frames and pliers. That’s because they are constantly adding new, unique elements that require special crafting feature. It just goes to show the excitement and great features that you will find when it comes to local gold here.

What gold price in Kuwait can you expect to see?

The prices are always going to fluctuate and that’s the reason why you want to browse our list. In general, the 22 carat gold price will vary at around 18 to 19 KWD, sometimes even more. Yet as we said, politics and other reasons can end up pushing the gold prices up and down, depending on the situation. You do want to ensure that the prices are narrowed down properly, so you should always check the gold price history. That way you will have a very good understanding of the price and how much it changes overtime.

How should you buy gold in Kuwait?

It depends on what you need. A good option if you want to invest in gold is to try and buy an ounce of gold. Granted, it’s more expensive, but it will provide you with the means to properly invest and see a good return. Buying a few grams of gold is usually a good idea if you want to spend less. When that happens, you will notice people mostly invest in gold in the form of jewelry. It just adds a better and more consistent value, and you’re still going to acquire a very good experience and result every step of the way.

With that in mind, you can start investing in 18 carat gold and then slowly increase the carat depending on your needs. Generally, if you want to wear gold jewelry, it makes a lot of sense to just try and buy it at lower carat values. The more additional materials are added, the more durable the gold is. That’s the thing, in most cases you will find that people don’t really wear 22 carat gold or higher carat gold because it’s very difficult to take care of it.

Since the gold scratches very quickly if it’s pure, then that becomes an issue. The best approach that you can have is to start with a lower carat and then build up from there. Doing that is the best system because it allows you to save time, and it also eliminates a lot of the potential downsides. All you need is to avoid any rush, and if you manage it appropriately, the potential can be second to none. We do think that you need to create a list with the type of gold you want and then just go from there.

Studying the gold price in Kuwait and performing some due diligence is always going to help, because it helps improve the experience and push it to the next level. It’s not going to be simple to figure out where to buy gold, but as we said, gold shops or even banks offer ways to buy it. If you want to invest in gold, various banks offer investment opportunities and they will also store it for you. There are also apps that you can invest in and they will manage the gold for you. Buying gold these days is a lot easier than ever before, but you do want to buy at the right price. Otherwise, you will encounter issues and that’s the last thing you want to deal with.

Where does Kuwait get its gold?

One of the questions that lingers when it comes to gold in Kuwait is where the country gets most of its gold. The gold reserves of Kuwait were around 54.35 tons until 2023. There was an all-time high of 104 tons of gold, however they were spent especially in some periods during the pandemic.

What we do need to keep in mind is that Kuwait does end up importing a lot of gold from other countries. They mostly import gold from the United Kingdom, United States, but also Turkey, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. It’s a very good idea to keep in mind that amounts will fluctuate, but it is common for imports to be quite significant. It always comes down to the demand that the countries have for gold, and that alone can be extremely challenging to address without the right information.

Is it safe to buy gold in Kuwait?

The short answer is yes, but it also comes down to where you want to buy gold in the first place. There are great businesses that will give you good deals on gold. But there are also less than legit businesses that aren’t really a good place to buy gold from. Which is why we encourage you to check reviews and study as much as you can.

Buying gold is easier than ever, but that also means you will have more options than ever. Reviews are a good option because they give a personal experience from previous clients. That way you will have a much better understanding of what you can expect and in the end you will not have to deal with any problems. That’s the reason why you want to assess gold prices in Kuwait, because it’s always going to fluctuate. Add to that the inconsistency of gold prices depending on gold sellers, and that can have its fair share of demanding situations.

Do people trust gold in Kuwait? Yes, it’s the most trusted precious metal in Kuwait by a longshot. It’s always been a great investment for locals and people from other countries. You can buy gold in Kuwait as a foreigner, but depending on where you got it and in what form it is, you may need to go through a few extra steps when leaving the country. But if you want to buy it, you can do so without a lot of issues.


Knowing the gold price in Kuwait is very helpful and it will help you determine the best way to invest in gold here. The last thing you want is to buy gold when it’s at the highest price. We provide you with a historical insight into gold prices for Kuwait. That way, you know exactly what the latest prices were, and you will have a much better understanding of what you can expect. It’s a great idea to invest in gold in Kuwait, but check our gold price in Kuwait beforehand to ensure you’re getting a very good deal!

how much gold price in kuwait?

The current gold price in Kuwait 24K per gram is: 24.25 Kuwaiti dinar KWD

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