Gold Price in the UK

Last update 3 Minutes ago
Gold Price per OunceUK
1,899.69    9.79 Ratio 0.52 %
Gold Price per Gram 24KUK
61.08    0.32 Ratio 0.52 %
Gold Price per Gram 22UK
55.99    0.29 Ratio 0.52 %

Gold Price in the UK Today

24K Gram61.08 GBP
22K Gram55.99 GBP
21K Gram53.44 GBP
18K Gram45.81 GBP
Ounce1,899.69 GBP
Kilogram61,076.61 GBP

Gold Price in Sterling Pound GBP and US Dollar

24K Gold per Gram61.08 GBP79.22 $
23K Gold per Gram58.53 GBP75.92 $
22K Gold per Gram55.99 GBP72.62 $
21K Gold per Gram53.44 GBP69.32 $
18K Gold per Gram45.81 GBP59.42 $
16K Gold per Gram40.72 GBP52.81 $
14K Gold per Gram35.63 GBP46.21 $
12K Gold per Gram30.54 GBP39.61 $
10K Gold per Gram25.45 GBP33.01 $
9K Gold per Gram22.90 GBP29.71 $
8K Gold per Gram20.36 GBP26.41 $
6K Gold per Gram15.27 GBP19.81 $
Ounce Gold1,899.69 GBP2,464.09 $
Kilogram Gold61,076.61 GBP79,222.32 $

Gold Bar Price in the UK

Weight Price
0.5 gram 30.54 GBP
1 gram 61.08 GBP
2 gram 122.15 GBP
2.5 gram 152.69 GBP
5 gram 305.38 GBP
10 gram 610.77 GBP
20 gram 1,221.53 GBP
31.5 gram 1,899.48 GBP
40 gram 2,443.06 GBP
50 gram 3,053.83 GBP
100 gram 6,107.66 GBP

Gold Price in the UK

Gold qualifies as a store of value, making it a perfect investment option for individuals and corporations. Finding and extracting gold has always been a tough job because of its rarity. Gold is malleable, meaning it can be formed into different shapes depending on your intended use. Gold is employed in several industries.
Gold is highly cherished because of how it is coveted in many sectors. As a precious metal, we all can easily relate to the value of gold. Are you considering investing in gold but need to learn about the gold price in the UK? Then, do not press the panic button yet, as this article will tell you all you should know in this regard. The symbol for gold on trading platforms is XAU.

Uses of Gold

The uses of gold are numerous. For instance, gold finds application in several industries, including dentistry, electronics, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, and defense. Gold has incredible durability and does not react to corrosive elements. That is why the demand for gold has continued to increase steadily for many decades.

Gold Price in the UK

Gold Price in UK

With online investment platforms almost everywhere, anyone can invest in gold. However, what differentiates a successful investor from someone struggling is the knowledge of gold prices. Gold prices constantly change during a single day.
Anyone planning to invest in gold within the UK must be updated with the latest gold prices in the UK. Coincidentally, gold prices in the UK are determined by multiple factors.
The effect of the different factors can cause gold prices to rise or fall. As a result, it is recommended that investors or traders get all the necessary gold price information they need from a reliable investment platform via accurate price charts.
Signing up with a platform that can guarantee quick and regular updates of the most recent gold prices is vital for investors. The summary of gold investment is knowing when to buy the commodity and when to sell it. The game is to purchase at low prices and sell when the price increases.
Therefore, to help you stay on top of price action, here are some factors that can define gold prices in the UK.

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The Fear of the Unknown

Let me guess – You are looking at this right now and saying, what in the world does this have to do with gold prices? Well, that’s okay because you are not alone. The fear of the unknown has a lot to do with gold prices.
Uncertainty can determine gold prices. One thing that determines the price of gold anywhere in the world is the number of people buying and selling the commodity at a particular time.
For instance, we have seen Elon Musk make careless statements on social media about digital coins, and the next thing that happens is that BTC prices go down as if it is experiencing free fall. That happens because the investors are afraid to lose their investment.
Similarly, gold prices are influenced by the fear of the unknown. Many traders allow their emotions to cloud their judgment. So, to avoid being caught by the wrong end of the market stick, you must stay on top of gold prices as much as possible.

Supply & Demand

The forces of supply and demand are always considered a price determinant in the economics of any goods or services. The quantity of gold in supply and the amount demanded determines the price of gold in the UK.
For instance, if there is a large amount of gold in supply but very little demand for the commodity, that will bring about a fall in gold prices. On the other hand, prices will naturally increase if the demand for gold is much higher than the amount of gold in supply.
This is a simple economics that is also applicable to gold prices. As a potential investor, you must know in-depth how supply and demand affect gold prices in the market. Combine this knowledge with other effective investment strategies, and profit will be yours for the taking.

The Current US Dollar Price

Most potential investors need help understanding why the US dollar should affect the gold price in the UK. The American dollar determines the price of gold everywhere in the world.
The US dollar is a global currency; other currencies are referenced against it. That is why gold and other commodities are dollarized or in dollar denominations. A robust American dollar may portend weakness for gold.
In other words, an increase in the value of the American dollar may spell doom for the value of gold. And if the US price goes the other way, gold prices in the UK are bound to move higher. So, you can buy gold when the dollar rises and sell when the dollar is weakened.
Interestingly, this relationship is not exclusive to dollar and gold. Other commodities are also affected by the price of the US dollar.

Inflation in the UK

We cannot rule out the impact of inflation on gold prices in the UK. If you are conversant with events around the world, you would agree that inflation determines the price of every commodity in the world.
An inflation-hit economy will cause prices of almost every commodity to go up. In most cases, gold prices are affected anytime there is inflation. If gold prices increase due to the impact of inflation, then investors will make money because their profits will also increase.
What if inflation does not occur in your lifetime as a gold investor? I have good news for you – that is almost impossible because inflation could be a sign that an economy is improving. Inflation is bound to happen every once in a while, because policymakers tighten monetary policy to balance a thriving economy.
In summary, inflation is not out of place, and the way to benefit from it is by correct prediction. Leverage the inflation benefits by being a gold investor today.

The State of the Economy

General economic factors also determine gold price in UK. A booming economy will naturally encourage more people to invest in gold. You cannot talk of having more gold investors when the economy is not favorable.
With a flourishing economy, people can afford to spend more money on all the items that are made of gold. It will also ensure others invest more money into the gold market. The increase in the demand for the gold commodity usually translates to a rise in gold prices.
When the economy is strengthened, investors speculate that demand for the commodity will increase, which will affect the price of gold by increasing it as well.
So, you must be acquainted with the UK’s economy if you will succeed as a gold investor in such climes. Get the latest gold prices via live updates from reputable investment platforms.


The political stability across a specific geographic region can affect the prices of gold. The political stability or instability in a geographic location can cause gold prices to rise or fall.
A good example is the current situation in Ukraine. We see how the conflict is affecting the price of grain. The cost of grain has increased almost three times since the start of the war. That is exactly how other commodity prices can be affected by geopolitics.
The peace in the Middle East region is also paramount when considering gold prices. Any instability in the area can have severe consequences for the commodity.
You must know how this works, as that will enable you to speculate correctly. It would help if you focused on regions where the gold market is happening. Get all the information you need from such corners. The availability of gold can be determined by whether an area is peaceful or not. In addition, gold availability can have a direct impact on the prices of the commodity.

UK Monetary Policy

The Bank of England will continually formulate monetary policy to help stabilize the economy occasionally. Any policy encouraging an increase in money supply is healthy for gold investors. Such policies will help increase the price of the commodity.
In stark contrast, monetary policies put out by the Bank of England to tighten the money supply will have an adverse effect on the demand for gold. That will contribute to a fall in the price of the commodity.
Therefore, anyone who wants to invest in gold in the UK must be intimate with statement releases from the Bank of England.


The gold market is a volatile environment. You cannot afford not to be intimate with the current gold prices in the UK. That is because having access to the latest and accurate gold price in the UK is the only way to speculate correctly and make good profits. Acquaint yourself with all the above factors, and you can be sure of making good money as a gold investor. Investors who do not have access to accurate gold prices will always struggle in the market.

How much gold price in the UK?

The current gold price in the UK 24K per gram is: 61.08 Sterling Pound GBP

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