Gold Price in Canada

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Gold Price per OunceCanada
3,378.09    14.1 Ratio 0.42 %
Canadian Dollar
Gold Price per Gram 24KCanada
108.61    0.46 Ratio 0.42 %
Canadian Dollar
Gold Price per Gram 22Canada
99.56    0.42 Ratio 0.42 %
Canadian Dollar

Gold Price in Canada Today

24K Gram108.61 Canadian Dollar
22K Gram99.56 Canadian Dollar
21K Gram95.03 Canadian Dollar
18K Gram81.46 Canadian Dollar
Ounce3,378.09 Canadian Dollar
Kilogram108,607.96 Canadian Dollar

Gold Price in Canadian Dollar CAD and US Dollar

24K Gold per Gram108.61 CAD79.36 $
23K Gold per Gram104.08 CAD76.05 $
22K Gold per Gram99.56 CAD72.75 $
21K Gold per Gram95.03 CAD69.44 $
18K Gold per Gram81.46 CAD59.52 $
16K Gold per Gram72.41 CAD52.91 $
14K Gold per Gram63.35 CAD46.29 $
12K Gold per Gram54.30 CAD39.68 $
10K Gold per Gram45.25 CAD33.07 $
9K Gold per Gram40.73 CAD29.76 $
8K Gold per Gram36.20 CAD26.45 $
6K Gold per Gram27.15 CAD19.84 $
Ounce Gold3,378.09 CAD2,468.34 $
Kilogram Gold108,607.96 CAD79,359.01 $

Gold Bar Price in Canada

Weight Price
0.5 gram 54.30 Canadian Dollar
1 gram 108.61 Canadian Dollar
2 gram 217.22 Canadian Dollar
2.5 gram 271.52 Canadian Dollar
5 gram 543.04 Canadian Dollar
10 gram 1,086.08 Canadian Dollar
20 gram 2,172.16 Canadian Dollar
31.5 gram 3,377.71 Canadian Dollar
40 gram 4,344.32 Canadian Dollar
50 gram 5,430.40 Canadian Dollar
100 gram 10,860.80 Canadian Dollar

Gold Price in Canada

Knowing the gold price in Canada is crucial if you are choosing to buy or sell any gold within the country. The truth is that acquiring gold is one of the things many people do, either to invest or for their leisure. After all, gold jewelry in particular has become very popular over the years. And aside from being great to wear, it can also be a very good investment opportunity, something you may want to take into account in a situation like this.

With that in mind, like any other region you will see that the gold price in Canada is always subject to change. And it’s easy to see why, because gold prices are not the same all the time. Different things can affect gold prices, and you need to understand that. But for the most part, you are getting a very good experience and the value itself is nothing short of impressive.

How often is the gold price in Canada updated?

What makes our website unique is the fact that we update the gold price in Canada every second. Yes, you receive the real time price, and you also have access to the gold price history in Canada. We think it’s crucial to know the gold price in Canada, as it gives you a good insight into what you can expect. With that being said, the return on investment can be greater if you buy at the right time.

Since gold prices constantly change, you can’t take things for granted. You want to know the market, understand how it works and what issues can arise. At the end of the day, gold prices fluctuate, so you can’t really invest without knowing what you are getting into. Doing that is always handy, and you will find it much better to assess the gold price.

Canada is no different, it has a lot of ups and downs when it comes to prices. That’s why you have to know what you are getting into and what ROI you can get. Each time you start buying gold in Canada, you will find yourself in a predicament. However, it does help if you know the gold price, since it gives you an idea of what to expect. It will take a little while to assess the market, but in this case you are getting a stellar value and experience, without having to deal with downsides.

Gold Price in Canada

How much gold does Canada have?

Gold is mined in 10 Canadian provinces, and the production value is extremely high, around $13.7 billion produced in gold alone. That goes to show how valuable gold production really is in Canada, and it does stand out with its incredible quality and great production value. In fact, one of the things that many people don’t know is that Canada is the 4th largest gold producer in the world. That makes it surpass a lot of other companies with a rich history in gold production.

Then again, Canada is very vast and it covers a massive size of land. That’s why it’s very much a possibility to access all the different types of gold here, just because there are so many incredible locations to explore and possibly find gold in there as well. Canada exports roughly $14.3 billion in gold, according to data from 2021. Canada is number 10 in regards to gold exports and it continues to deliver tons of gold every year.

Aside from producing a lot of gold, Canada also exports a lot of its production, which is something to keep in mind. In fact, it’s one of the top exports in the country along with things like sawn wood, cars, crude petroleum and others. When it comes to importing gold, Canada also imports some gold. In regards to imports, it’s the 13 worldwide at around $6.61 billion imported in gold alone.

That goes to show how important it is for Canadians to buy gold, either in the form of jewelry or other types in order to invest. There’s no denying that you have to know the current gold price in Canada as it will give you a very good insight into the current investment opportunities and the benefits that can arise. At the end of the day, gold prices in Canada tend to shift drastically here and there, so you do want to better understand the market, how it all works and when it shifts or why it does that. Knowing these things can help quite a bit, especially if you want to make a more significant gold purchase.

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Is there a reason why the gold price in Canada changes?

As you will notice, the gold price in Canada will change from time to time due to fluctuations. Sometimes the changes are drastic, other times they are very minor. But it all goes to show that gold will change in price and it’s something that does happen more often than not. Which is why we think that adapting to the gold prices is extremely important, and tracking them might help uncover a great deal.

But why does the gold price change? Supply and demand is a major factor here. Most of the time, if the gold demand is high, then prices will be a lot higher than normal. That’s because there’s a lot of demand and the amount of gold available might not be enough. When that happens, it raises the market price, and that alone can be a problem if you want to buy at that particular moment. But if there’s a lot of gold on the market and few people buy it, then obviously that lowers the price. When a low price like that exists, it’s a much better idea to see how much you can buy, especially if the price is much lower than normal for example.

Then there are other factors like politics. Yes, political changes within a country can change the price of gold. Canada is no exception, it dealt with this kind of stuff for quite some time, and it continues to have a pretty challenging situation because political changes are sudden. That means if you have a price today, tomorrow it might be wildly different and it always has to do with things like these.

We can also add the value of the dollar, when that drops or raises too much, you will have a gold price in Canada. It’s normal since gold has always been tied to fiat currencies, so it’s not something out of the ordinary. Then we also have the market volatility which is obviously a huge deal for a lot of people. If the country has a lot of reserves, then the gold price isn’t moving that much due to that, however if the gold amounts are low, then prices might end up growing. It’s one of those things that you do want to monitor.

You can also check other things like jewelry demand, if there is a huge demand for gold and there’s not a whole lot to fulfill that demand, then the gold price in Canada can become an issue. Which is exactly why you have to assess that, along with the gold production. If businesses within the country can’t acquire gold from local production, they have to import it. What that means is you will end up with higher prices because of that. Knowing all these things can help quite a bit, and it certainly shows how the gold price will change, and if it will change a lot or not. Knowing these things helps quite a bit, and it certainly delivers an excellent result in the long term.

What kind of gold should you invest in?

Once you know the gold price in Canada, your focus has to be on knowing what type of gold is an ideal investment. And there are plenty of options here. We know that 24 carat gold is the most expensive, but if you want to invest in jewelry, this or 22 carat gold might not be ok. The problem with any jewelry that has a high gold purity is that it can get scratched. That might not seem like an issue at first, but as you will notice, when you want to wear it, the gold will get damaged quite a lot. And the more you wear it, the more you will notice that.

We think it makes a lot of sense to check the gold price in Canada and see when you can buy gold. But don’t go solely for the highest carat if you want jewelry. We think that the ideal gold jewelry that you can also wear is 21 or 18 carat gold jewelry. Granted, it has other alloys in order to maintain stability and it comes at a lower price, but it can still be a solid investment. Plus, you also get to wear it, something that might not always be the case with other investments you can do out there.

You can also invest in gold bouillons or coins, those are not something you need to wear, you can just buy and store them in a vault. Some even buy gold online and have it stored separately by a third party. That means there are many different ways to buy gold in Canada, and it’s up to you to make the right choice. That alone can be a great idea to consider, especially if you are passionate about investing in gold and not rushing into any random investment.

Is it safe to invest in gold?

The thing we need to realize is that gold is just like any other investment. There are always some challenges or risks that come with any type of investment. That doesn’t mean investing in gold is a bad idea. If anything, gold investing is one of the things that tend to work very well for a lot of investors. And that’s because you are getting a plethora of great results, and you will not usually lose a lot of money. Of course, there’s no certainty when you invest.

And that’s why we think checking the gold price in Canada on our website is the ideal option. It allows you to invest the way you want, avoid any rush, while also checking the historical gold price in Canada. That way you know if there were any price increases or if the price is very low right now. You shouldn’t buy gold randomly, without knowing how much to pay and whether there is a drastic change in pricing. At least when you have this info, it will give you a good insight into whether this is the right time to buy gold in Canada or if you need to wait.

Buying gold is not something you want to rush. Instead, you want to ensure that you are taking the right decision, and that alone is not something you want to think about lightly. Gold can be expensive, and if you want to buy a lot of it to store for your future, then that’s the thing you want to focus on. It makes sense to not rush and invest in gold when you think you have the right pricing. Also, try to buy gold only from authorized companies, as there are a plethora of scammers and you really want to avoid that.


Knowing the gold price in Canada is very important. It’s a valuable piece of information that can help you save a significant amount of time and money. We highly recommend investing in gold if you want to park your money for your future, as gold historically tends to go up. However, invest at the right price and don’t rush until you are comfortable with the purchase that you want to make. In the end, the ROI can be exceptional, and you will find yourself enjoying the results of your investment. Just check the gold price in Canada and buy at the right price!

how much gold price in Canada?

The current gold price in Canada 24K per gram is: 108.61 Canadian Dollar CAD

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