Gold Price in Bahrain

Last update 5 Minutes ago
Gold Price per OunceBahrain
928.22    1.65 Ratio 0.18 %
Gold Price per Gram 24KBahrain
29.84    0.05 Ratio 0.17 %
Gold Price per Gram 22Bahrain
27.36    0.05 Ratio 0.18 %

Gold Price in Bahrain Today

24K Gram29.84 Bahraini Dinar
22K Gram27.36 Bahraini Dinar
21K Gram26.11 Bahraini Dinar
18K Gram22.38 Bahraini Dinar
Ounce928.22 Bahraini Dinar
Kilogram29,843.03 Bahraini Dinar

Gold Price in Bahraini Dinar and US Dollar

24K Gold per Gram29.84 BHD79.18 $
23K Gold per Gram28.60 BHD75.88 $
22K Gold per Gram27.36 BHD72.58 $
21K Gold per Gram26.11 BHD69.28 $
18K Gold per Gram22.38 BHD59.38 $
16K Gold per Gram19.90 BHD52.78 $
14K Gold per Gram17.41 BHD46.19 $
12K Gold per Gram14.92 BHD39.59 $
10K Gold per Gram12.43 BHD32.99 $
9K Gold per Gram11.19 BHD29.69 $
8K Gold per Gram9.95 BHD26.39 $
6K Gold per Gram7.46 BHD19.79 $
Ounce Gold928.22 BHD2,462.65 $
Kilogram Gold29,843.03 BHD79,176.12 $

Gold Bar Price in Bahrain

Weight Price
0.5 gram 14.92 Bahraini Dinar
1 gram 29.84 Bahraini Dinar
2 gram 59.69 Bahraini Dinar
2.5 gram 74.61 Bahraini Dinar
5 gram 149.22 Bahraini Dinar
10 gram 298.43 Bahraini Dinar
20 gram 596.86 Bahraini Dinar
31.5 gram 928.12 Bahraini Dinar
40 gram 1,193.72 Bahraini Dinar
50 gram 1,492.15 Bahraini Dinar
100 gram 2,984.30 Bahraini Dinar

Gold Price in Bahrain

Whenever you visit Bahrain, the idea of checking gold price in Bahrain becomes very important. It’s easy to see why, because gold prices are constantly going up and down, they fluctuate. So if you want to invest in gold, or just buy jewelry, you will find yourself not knowing what to do and misunderstanding whether it’s the right time to invest in gold or not.

The problem is that gold prices always tend to change. That becomes a huge issue for most people, because gold prices are not always going to increase, if anything they can also go down. So it makes sense to seem when you should invest in gold, when and how you should buy and so on. Having a good understanding of gold prices will always make things great, and in the end it’s an astonishing idea to know when and how to buy gold.

Gold Price in Bahrain

How do we know the gold price in Bahrain?

Our website has the real time gold price in Bahrain and we always keep it up to date. Whenever you visit the website, you will always know gold prices, which helps quite a bit. You don’t want to waste time not knowing the real gold price, just because it can be hard to narrow down the best time to buy gold. We acquire gold prices from national sources in Bahrain, to ensure that it’s the right price according to the government.
That means all the info is coming in real time and from legit sources. It’s the best way to know the gold price right now, and it definitely helps save a lot of effort and time. In the end, it delivers a unique way for you to know when to buy gold and when you may have to wait for a bit. Sometimes it can be hard to invest in gold, and that’s why you want to prevent any type of rush.

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How is gold measured/sold in Bahrain?

The gold rate in Bahrain is fluctuating and that is why you have to be careful. It can be very easy to buy at the wrong price and just deal with a loss after that. What you need to do here is to understand how jewelers and gold sellers are selling all this gold. As you do that, it becomes much easier to know how to buy gold and at what rate.
Since the today gold rate in Bahrain can change every single day, it makes sense to check out website and see gold prices in real time. It helps you prevent problems, and it definitely adds an exciting experience every step of the way. With that in mind, you always want to ensure that you take any gold price info from a legit source. Otherwise, you end up buying misinformed and it’s that type of situation that can become problematic. We highly recommend focusing on the current gold prices and understand why prices are like that.
As for how gold is measured in Bahrain, there are multiple methods. Generally, it’s sold in the form of kilograms, ounces, sovereigns, tolas and grams. The gold bars are sold in kilos, while gold biscuits are only sold in ounces. That matters a lot, because it gives you an excellent idea of how you can manage your gold and how much you can get from it. What you should note regarding the gold rate in Bahrain is that it will change based on the type of gold you sell too.
For example, 24 carat gold will always cost more than 22 carat or 21 carat gold. The same thing is valid when it comes to 18 carat gold. The difference is that as you have less carats, you have more alloys. The upside however is that alloys increase durability. When you want to wear jewelry, you expect it to resist a variety of challenges. But 24 carat gold, for example, is very sensitive to the point where you can easily scratch it. That’s a huge problem because you want to avoid such issues as much as possible. It’s definitely a nuisance to deal with scratches, especially with repairs being expensive.
Thankfully, once you know the gold price in Bahrain, you will also have a good idea of what places have a realistic price. Needless to say, there are scammers in the gold industry and some will try to ask for a significant amount of money. It’s a great idea to check the current gold price, perform your due diligence and just go from there. Will it be an issue if you wait a bit? Sure, because the today gold rate in Bahrain is going to change tomorrow. So it might end up being a better deal tomorrow, but it can also go the other way.
Each time you want to invest in gold, it’s a gamble because you never know if prices will go up or down. You want to have a good idea of where prices tend to go, and then you can react accordingly. We think that the gold price in Bahrain is a good indicator of what you can expect and it’s totally worth giving it a try.

Should you buy gold in Bahrain right now or wait?

It always depends on why you want the gold and how much it costs. If the demand is urgent and you need it for something then sure, you should buy it if it’s an emergency. However, a good idea is to try and check the overall gold price from time to time. The reason why this matters is because it helps you narrow down the total cost. You will know the historical price and see whether it’s the right time to invest or if you need to wait a little bit more.
The gold price in Bahrain will give you the best idea of whether it’s a good time to buy. How do you know though? If the demand for gold is very high, then prices will obviously be high. So when you should buy? Wait until the price is very low and there’s little demand for gold. Sometimes due to inflation, politics and other factors, gold prices will change and drop quite a bit.
However, that rarely happens, so you need to be careful otherwise there will be problems. And in the end, the best approach is to try and focus on getting the right gold price in Bahrain from our website. Knowing the gold price and also the previous prices via the gold history is extremely valuable. That way you know exactly what you can expect, and in the end it will give you the excellent results and experience you want from something like this.

How much gold does Bahrain produce?

Before we know the today gold rate in Bahrain, we should educate ourselves about how much gold is actually within the country. That’s important to know, because a lot of people think there’s tons of gold being produced in Bahrain. Is that true though? It’s hard to know because there are no specific numbers to share at this time.
What we do know is an estimate regarding how many gold reserves are in the country. Apparently the reserves are around $6.6 billion in July 2023. The data shows that Bahrain does have quite a bit of gold, and it’s constantly adding more and more reserves for bleak times in the future. It’s definitely something normal when you compare with the other countries, and for a very good reason. Gold prices fluctuate quite a lot, and you always want to invest the right amount of gold without having to deal with downsides.
Thankfully, Bahrain is known for importing a lot of gold, and they acquire it from varied sources. One of the common sources for them is UAE, but also Saudi Arabia and Oman. Other, lesser known sources are Italy and Belgium. With that in mind, Bahrain also exports quite a bit of gold too. They are the 80th when it comes to how many people export gold and the total amount exported is roughly $212 million.
It’s easy to see that the country exports way less when compared to the imports. So for the most part, once gold enters the country, it usually remains here and it’s not processed then sold to other countries. It does happen sometimes, but that’s not exactly the case in this particular situation. Bahrain is right in the middle of the pack when it comes to exports. What we see is a huge demand for gold, but also a true focus on retaining that value within the country and not selling it in any way.

Why does the gold price in Bahrain change?

Gold prices are rarely staying at the same level. There are all kinds of factors that will influence how much gold costs at this particular time. We already touched on an issue, which is any type of political problem, be it national or international. Politics will influence gold prices quite a lot, so it makes sense to check the gold rate in Bahrain right now.
And also, remember there’s a supply and demand as well. The reality is that prices change, and that happens very often. When you see prices change, that means you will end up with some lower prices than expected in some cases. Add to that the central bank also buying and selling gold, something that will always influence prices more than expected.
Aside from these reasons, we can also add interest rates and inflation. These change constantly, and have an influence on how much gold costs at that particular time. It makes sense to check the gold price in Bahrain on our website and see exactly how much you can get in return. It always makes sense to identify what issues are with the gold price in Bahrain and wait for a better price if you can.


Our website offers real time information regarding the gold price in Bahrain. That way you know when is the ideal time to buy gold, when to wait and when to pull the trigger. The problem for most people is that they have no idea when to acquire gold and what gold rate in Bahrain is the best one. That’s why we created our website, to help make the process simple and convenient. We recommend browsing our website if you want to know the current gold price in Bahrain, as we offer an accurate insight into the info and we will make it easy to narrow down the right gold acquisition price for the best profits in the long term.

How much gold price in Bahrain?

The current gold price in Bahrain 24K per gram is: 29.84 Bahraini Dinar

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