Gold Price in Australia

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Gold Price per OunceAustralia
3,657.60    3.88 Ratio 0.11 %
Australian Dollar
Gold Price per Gram 24KAustralia
117.59    0.12 Ratio 0.1 %
Australian Dollar
Gold Price per Gram 22Australia
107.80    0.12 Ratio 0.11 %
Australian Dollar

Gold Price in Australia Today

24K Gram117.59 Australian Dollar
22K Gram107.80 Australian Dollar
21K Gram102.90 Australian Dollar
18K Gram88.20 Australian Dollar
Ounce3,657.60 Australian Dollar
Kilogram117,594.71 Australian Dollar

Gold Price in Australian Dollar AUD and US Dollar

24K Gold per Gram117.59 AUD79.20 $
23K Gold per Gram112.69 AUD75.90 $
22K Gold per Gram107.80 AUD72.60 $
21K Gold per Gram102.90 AUD69.30 $
18K Gold per Gram88.20 AUD59.40 $
16K Gold per Gram78.40 AUD52.80 $
14K Gold per Gram68.60 AUD46.20 $
12K Gold per Gram58.80 AUD39.60 $
10K Gold per Gram49.00 AUD33.00 $
9K Gold per Gram44.10 AUD29.70 $
8K Gold per Gram39.20 AUD26.40 $
6K Gold per Gram29.40 AUD19.80 $
Ounce Gold3,657.60 AUD2,463.49 $
Kilogram Gold117,594.71 AUD79,202.98 $

Gold Bar Price in Australia

Weight Price
0.5 gram 58.80 Australian Dollar
1 gram 117.59 Australian Dollar
2 gram 235.19 Australian Dollar
2.5 gram 293.99 Australian Dollar
5 gram 587.97 Australian Dollar
10 gram 1,175.95 Australian Dollar
20 gram 2,351.89 Australian Dollar
31.5 gram 3,657.20 Australian Dollar
40 gram 4,703.79 Australian Dollar
50 gram 5,879.74 Australian Dollar
100 gram 11,759.47 Australian Dollar

Gold Price in Australia

When we talk about gold price in Australia, you will notice that it fluctuates quite a lot, just like it does in many other countries. Since gold is a very rare substance, a lot of people choose to either invest in gold or just use it in the form of jewelry. People in Australia have been known to like gold quite a bit, and they do invest in 24 carat gold, but also 22 carat, 21 carat and even 18 carat gold.

Why do Australians buy gold?

One of the main reasons to track the gold price in Australia is definitely the fact that it’s a great way to invest your money. When you’re looking to park some money for harsh times, it always comes down to investing in gold. Historically, gold is one of the few investments that will increase in value. In fact, it’s historically proven that it has a very good hedge against inflation.

In fact, in Australia and anywhere in the world the price of gold increases along with the cost of living. Even if the regular currency loses its power, gold will usually retain a solid value and it will increase in the long run. But like anything else, it will have fluctuations in pricing and that’s why you want to monitor the gold price in Australia. That way you will know when it’s the right time to buy gold in Australia and when you may not want to do that.

Another benefit is that you can protect yourself against geopolitical uncertainty. These issues are very prevalent in our society, so it makes sense to try and avoid any possible issues or challenges that can arise. Plus, you do want to ensure that you can protect yourself from any issues down the line. That way you have gold set aside and in doing so, you will know exactly what you can expect and what results you can obtain. You also need to realize that there’s a constant demand for gold in Australia. The country is widely known for having quite a lot of gold, but the people in Australia are also focused on acquiring and holding gold. Some of them even wear gold in the form of jewelry. So there’s a great reason to track the gold price in Australia, since you will know when it’s the ideal time to buy gold and when to sell. Once you understand that, it will be a much better result, and you will be amazed with the results.

Gold Price in Australia

Diversifying your portfolio

The primary advantage of investing in gold is that you can diversify your portfolio and take it to the next level. You can easily invest in gold these days, and the benefit is that you can do that in a multitude of ways. After all, when you invest it makes a lot of sense to diversify and not just invest in a single thing. Instead, you want to invest in multiple things and ensure that one of them will be successful.

If you just invest in stocks, there might be a time when stock prices are bad but the gold price is high. Checking the gold price in Australia and making sure you know when to invest is the ideal option. That way you can protect yourself from any issues, while still making sure that you are investing rightfully.

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Australia is a leading gold producer

Yes, if you didn’t know already, a lot of gold is produced in Australia. The country is widely known for generating a lot of gold, around 308 metric tons of gold were produced in Australia in 2022 alone, and for 2023 the numbers are around 320 metric tons. That’s a lot of gold, and it just goes to show the true gold production value that Australia has.

When it comes to how much gold reserves you can find in Australia, you will also be quite impressed as well. The country has 9500 tons of gold, or around 17% of the total amount of gold reserves estimated to be worldwide. Another aspect to consider here is that 60% of the gold reserves can be found in the western part of the country.

But in general, Australia is widely regarded as one of the best places where you can find gold and obviously here you will find gold in a lot of different formats. The gold reserves are around 77.49 tons, but the number will vary based on different factors. It’s always important to keep in mind that gold prices in Australia will vary, hence the reason why we track the real time gold price in Australia. With our help, you will have a very good insight into the current gold price, and you will know if this is a good time to invest in gold or not. It eliminates confusion or worries, while also saving a significant amount of time.

What kind of investments do people prefer when it comes to gold in Australia?

That depends, but for the most part a lot of people choose to invest in 24 carat gold. This is a great way to ensure you buy the highest purity of gold available. That can be a good investment for anyone regardless of their age or their investment knowledge. When you buy the highest gold purity, the chances of dealing with any issues down the line can be really low.

Of course, you do want to purchase from reputable sources, but other than that there’s no need to worry about anything. Storing the gold is usually safe if you go to a storage deposit box in a bank. That way you can safely keep the gold there and not worry about it. There are also companies that will allow you to buy gold from them and they will store it for you for a fee. So there are a variety of options to consider when it comes to acquiring gold in Australia. You just have to find the one that works for you and which fits your needs.

However, the downside with 24 carat gold and even 22 carat gold is that you can’t wear it in the form of jewelry. Since it doesn’t have any alloy to support it and gold can easily get damaged, you rarely get to see jewelry made from pure gold like this. You will however find 21 carat and 18 carat gold jewelry that can be a great investment. The upside here is that you can also wear your investment, something that does help quite a bit. You always want to avoid any rush and in the end it will provide you with a better experience.

You don’t have to buy gold billions or coins, you can invest in jewelry just as much. The idea is to purchase gold as an investment because it does help quite a bit. It’s one of the best and also safest investments you can ever make, and it’s widely regarded as the safest way to park your money for the future. If anything, the value of gold always tends to go up, and you will find it to be incredibly interesting and rewarding.

Is the gold price in Australia fluctuating?

As you can imagine, gold prices are constantly changing and Australia is no exception. You will see a lot of gold jewelry to buy in Australia and prices are usually very fair. They do a very good job at keeping costs more affordable, especially since a lot of gold comes from the country anyway. With that in mind, you will have stamps to ensure the validity of the gold and its authenticity. So it’s become a lot easier to ensure the gold you buy is valid and a great investment. That’s great because it eliminates many bad investments that you can make without having the right knowledge and expertise.

 You always want to ensure that you buy gold from a reputable place and not any scammers. The truth is that you want to check for hallmarks, the purity of the gold and the jeweler identification. These can easily be checked online, so if there’s anything wrong with that, you want to avoid buying gold from that establishment. It makes a lot of sense to address that properly and once you do, the results can be very good.

Also, you can check the gold price in Australia and see if the price you are offered is good or not. It’s a lot easier to do that these days, since you can just browse our website and access all the info. It’s going to offer all the content you need, and you will be impressed with the results and quality. Plus, you want to check the bill and see if there are extra charges. Sometimes Australian gold sellers will try to overcharge you with additional taxes. You need to be careful, because these things can add up when you sell gold, so try to take that into consideration.

When is the ideal time to buy gold in Australia?

It can be difficult to pinpoint a specific time just because prices are always changing. So the best thing that you can do is to try and narrow down the right time via checking the price history. Aside from the gold price in Australia, we also have a gold price history graph too. That means you will know exactly what price did gold have recently and then see if it’s on an upward or a downward pattern.
At the end of the day, buying gold is something very helpful and a great investment idea. With that in mind, it makes sense to invest in gold and learn the gold price in Australia when you want to either buy or sell. As always, the focus is on buying when the market has a low price and sell when the gold prices are very high.
We think that having the real time gold price in Australia is very useful and it can help guide you more than expected. It will give a good insight into the market growth and value, and you will be amazed with how much it can help from a professional standpoint. Gold prices are always going to change, even in a country that produces a lot of gold like Australia does. So the focus is on understanding the market and learning how everything works. Focus on the purity of gold when you invest, because the lower the purity, the lower the price, and the other way around.

Can foreigners buy gold in Australia?

Unlike other countries that have restrictions about this, that’s not the case in Australia. You can easily buy and sell gold as a foreigner and take gold out of the country if you so desire. Of course, you will need to declare it, but other than that, there are no limitations. Australia is less restrictive when compared to other countries, and that says a lot.
That’s why you want to know the gold price in Australia and ensure that you buy gold at the right price. Even if you come from another country and want to buy gold in Australia, they will not restrict you. It just makes sense to buy gold this way, and in the end you will have a great experience. Remember, the focus is to buy gold at the right price and to not overlook great opportunities.


Knowing the gold price in Australia is a great asset because you know when to buy and when to avoid buying gold. Checking the market and also seeing the gold price history will always help. It will make it easy to narrow down any issues, while also avoiding any rush. At the end of the day, Australia is a great place where you can buy gold and due to its high gold production levels, sometimes gold prices here can be lower. It makes sense to check our chart with the real time gold price in Australia, so you have a definitive answer when it comes to when is the right time to buy gold here!

how much gold price in Australia?

The current gold price in Australia 24K per gram is: 117.59 Australian Dollar AUD

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