Gold Price in Austria

Last update 3 Minutes ago
Gold Price per OunceAustria
2,255.11    7.66 Ratio 0.34 %
Gold Price per Gram 24KAustria
72.50    0.24 Ratio 0.33 %
Gold Price per Gram 22Austria
66.46    0.22 Ratio 0.33 %

Gold Price in Austria Today

24K Gram72.50 Euro
22K Gram66.46 Euro
21K Gram63.44 Euro
18K Gram54.38 Euro
Ounce2,255.11 Euro
Kilogram72,503.63 Euro

Gold Price in Euro and US Dollar

24K Gold per Gram72.50 EUR79.19 $
23K Gold per Gram69.48 EUR75.89 $
22K Gold per Gram66.46 EUR72.59 $
21K Gold per Gram63.44 EUR69.29 $
18K Gold per Gram54.38 EUR59.39 $
16K Gold per Gram48.34 EUR52.80 $
14K Gold per Gram42.29 EUR46.20 $
12K Gold per Gram36.25 EUR39.60 $
10K Gold per Gram30.21 EUR33.00 $
9K Gold per Gram27.19 EUR29.70 $
8K Gold per Gram24.17 EUR26.40 $
6K Gold per Gram18.13 EUR19.80 $
Ounce Gold2,255.11 EUR2,463.18 $
Kilogram Gold72,503.63 EUR79,193.07 $

Gold Bar Price in Austria

Weight Price
0.5 gram 36.25 Euro
1 gram 72.50 Euro
2 gram 145.01 Euro
2.5 gram 181.26 Euro
5 gram 362.52 Euro
10 gram 725.04 Euro
20 gram 1,450.07 Euro
31.5 gram 2,254.86 Euro
40 gram 2,900.15 Euro
50 gram 3,625.18 Euro
100 gram 7,250.36 Euro

Gold Price in Austria

Checking the Gold price in Austria is crucial if you want to buy gold in the country and ensure that you get the best deal. The truth is that gold prices are always changing, and they are influenced by a ton of factors. Understanding the Gold price in Austria is a great idea if you want to buy or sell gold. You will be even more impressed if you buy at the right price. Since gold prices change all the time, that’s what you want to keep in mind.
You want to ensure that you assess the gold price and see how much you have to pay. Normally, you want to avoid paying more on gold than you should. That’s why we always offer the current, real time gold price for you. That way, you know what price you have to pay in Austria right now and if it’s a good idea to buy gold in the first place, or if it’s not ok. Knowing the right time and understanding when and how to buy does make sense, and it will certainly make a huge difference in the long term.

Gold Price in Austria

Is it safe to buy gold in Austria?

That’s one of the main topics of concern, because safety is paramount whenever you buy gold. As always, it’s a matter of knowing the Gold price in Austria, but also understanding where you are buying from. The thing is, a lot of people end up dealing with scammers because they don’t buy from a reputable place. That alone is a problem because you can’t rely on any random business to give you the gold you want.
Some scammers will try to add extra fees or they will bring in lower quality gold that’s upsold at a higher price. Unfortunately this type of problem is very prevalent and you do want to ensure that you tackle it appropriately and at the highest level. That means you need to check reviews from gold suppliers and see if they are reliable. In doing so, you limit the risks of having any problems. At the end of the day, checking that and knowing if there are issues will always circumvent possible downsides. And that’s why you can’t just buy gold from anywhere.
Austria is no different, it certainly has its fair share of scammers, just like any other country. If you go with reputable companies that have a lot of knowledge, expertise and great reviews, you will end up saving a lot of headache and not deal with any problems in the long term.

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When should you buy gold in Austria?

Generally, you will notice that gold prices can go up and down due to demand and sometimes due to the season. But it can be hard to narrow down a specific time when you are better off buying gold. The main focus is to always check the gold price in Austria and ensure that you have access to the best results. That means browsing the gold price history, seeing how much you can pay now and if the gold has a downward or upward trajectory. It helps quite a lot to avoid any rush and buy gold properly, which needs some due diligence.
Yet if you know the gold price in Austria, you can find the ideal time to buy gold. Sometimes it can be right now, other times it might be later on. Addressing that and knowing how to manage your finances as you try to buy gold is always a very good idea you have to focus on.

What leads to the increase of gold price in Austria?

Supply and demand is dictating price increases all the time. The reason is simple, sometimes there is a lot of demand for gold in Austria, and that’s when prices will get higher and higher. Then you have situations when there’s less demand for gold. That’s when you want to buy gold, since you have a better deal and lower price as a whole.
In the end, it’s going to give you a better ROI if you see when the supply is large and the demand is low. Buying at that time is what will give you an excellent result, but that also means you need to check things and ensure you have an exceptional outcome every time.
Global politics also affect the gold price in Austria too. Of course, local politics are just as important. Whenever new policies are added or modified, chances are that you will end up with some gold price chances. These can appear due to a variety of reasons, and you will need to understand that. It’s always a good idea to check for the gold price first before making any purchases. And if you see any specific political changes or anything similar related to the transportation industry or any other major industries, chances are that gold is affected too.
Trends also matter. Sometimes people like to buy a lot of jewelry, and that’s when gold prices go up. But there are times when gold prices are going down significantly, which can be a problem in its own right. Assessing these issues and knowing how to manage them appropriately can indeed help more than expected.
Changes in currencies can also have an impact in regards to the gold price in Austria. It will sometimes appear as a problem when currencies drop quite a lot. Of course, that’s not always the case, but generally you will see gold prices drop if currencies are not doing that well. Things like the pandemic and other international events can also end up leading to such issues as well. That’s why we need to assess everything and understand what influence events can have. Sometimes it’s very low, other times it can be significant.
Gold supplies are also influencing the gold price in Austria too. You will see that if a country has lots of gold, then gold prices are not fluctuating as much. Yet when gold prices are dwindling, that’s when it can be a problem. You want to check and assess everything, then buy gold. Learning more about the supply at that time is not very hard, and it will help you save quite a bit of time and effort.

Is gold jewelry a good investment in Austria?

Whenever you want to buy gold, you always think whether it’s better to invest in jewelry or in any other types of gold. 24 carat jewelry is the most appealing because it has the highest gold purity. Then there’s 22 carat gold. However, the problem with these is that due to the large amount of gold, the durability is not great.
Instead, the products will scratch quite a lot if you wear them. So it’s more of an investment option rather than anything else. Then there’s also the fact that you need to think about getting a good ROI and making sure you don’t damage the item. Which means you are better off getting gold coins and bullions if you want to just invest and not touch the product. But if you also want to wear your jewelry, there are options.
The best approach is to go for either 18 carat gold or 21 carat gold at most. These have other compounds aside from gold, but that bolsters its durability and that’s where you want to focus on. The more gold you have there, the better it is, unless you want to wear it. So if you just want to buy jewelry for the purpose of investing, 24 carat jewelry is definitely an option. But if you want to also wear it, less carats can actually help because you don’t have to worry as much about dealing with damage and other problems.

How much gold does Austria have?

One thing to note is that in 2021 alone, Austria exported around $2 billion in gold. That makes it the 36th exporter in the world. In general, Austria doesn’t produce a huge amount of gold. There are many different mines in the country, so there is a lack of gold finds. But the country is constantly acquiring gold, and that alone goes to show the appeal that a lot of people have for gold in Austria.
With that in mind, Austria does import a lot of gold too, around $5.1 billion in the same year as above. That shows the country is in top 15 when it comes to countries that import gold. However when they do export gold, they tend to export in the form of jewelry and other products similar to that. It’s an excellent opportunity to see the gold prices, better understand the process and how it all flows together.
Austria always pushes the boundaries when it comes to investing in gold. That’s why the country has quite a large gold reserve, although it’s not disclosed the exact amount. Yet we do know that the gold price in Austria continues to change, and there is a constant shift in demand. That alone, combined with the numerous gold product manufacturers goes to show just how unique and incredible this location really is. And that on its own matters, because gold in Austria continues to be extremely sought after.

Can you buy gold in Austria even if you are a foreigner?

When you check the gold price in Austria as a foreigner, you might be wondering if buying gold is allowed or not. And that’s the thing, you are allowed to do that and it can actively bring you an exciting set of ideas. You always want to push the limits and bring in a unique approach. At the end of the day, the focus has to be on buying at the best possible price. And while there are alternatives, you will find that buying gold in Austria is simple as a foreigner.
You are not dealing with any specific restrictions when you buy gold in Austria. Granted, you will have to deal with the customs when you enter or exit the country, so check what amount is allowed. But if you choose to invest in jewelry or any other things like that, you don’t have to worry that much, if anything at all.

Who decides the gold price in Austria?

What you will notice about the gold price in Austria is that it’s not automatically decided. Instead, the Central Bank of Austria is the one that decides how much gold costs during that day. And that’s the thing, you always want to take your time and narrow down the best price. It’s a good idea to check the current price for gold, as that’s the thing that matters the most.
Once you see the gold price set by the Central Bank of Austria, it becomes easier to understand if this is a good time to buy gold or not. A lot of people speculate on the idea of buying at a low price and then not worrying about any issues. What you have to realize is that the gold price will always change and it rarely stays the same.
And that’s why you need the gold price in Austria from our page. It gives you the best insight on whether this is a good time to buy or not. It might not seem like a lot at first, but with the right approach and focus, that might not be the ideal option. It always comes down to understanding the way you buy and where you get the best deal.


We recommend checking the gold price in Austria on our page since it’s updated in real time. That means if there are any changes to the gold price, you will know about them. It becomes much easier to better understand the total cost of gold and what you can expect from that. You must check the gold price in Austria before making any purchase, maybe even check the gold history to avoid any problems. Once you check that, your results can be exceptional and you can avoid paying too much for gold.

How much gold price in Austria?

The current gold price in Austria 24K per gram is: 72.50 Euro

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